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What are Some Common Problems with 1990 Nissan Axxess?

Your Axxess. It's part minivan, part station wagon. It's the second generation of the Nissan Prairie. It's also called the Nissan Stanza. It's the predecessor of the Nissan Quest. XE or SE trim, though, what's most important is what it is to you: one reliable family car. (It's even a great work vehicle, let alone office commuter.)

It's not without a couple issues from its sole model year, though. Take care of them, and it'll run decades and thousands of miles more. Here's what to look out for -- and what to do about it.

Faulty Intake Manifolds

The intake manifold gasket's the seal between the cylinder head in your Axxess and its intake manifold; it helps maintain the pressure and vacuum the engine needs to run as well as it can. If the engine is overheating, if you notice coolant or other fluids leaking under it, if the Check Engine light comes on, and if the engine starts to run rough, there's a good chance the gasket's gone bad; you'll need to replace it.

That can run you anywhere from $550 to a little over $600 on average. For Axxess, though, it may end up anywhere from $730 to around $850.

Bad Timing Chains

If your Axxess is high-mileage, and it's begun rattling and misfiring; if you've found metal in the motor oil; if the Check Engine light's come on; and if you can't start, then most likely, the timing chain is failing. This is a known issue for 1990 models.

The average cost of replacing most timing chains? Between $1,650 and around $2,000. Take care of that, and you should be good to go. You can avoid this kind of thing by changing your oil regularly and performing routine inspections.

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