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What are Some Common Problems with Nissan Quest?

Your Quest is everything you'd hoped to find in a Nissan family minivan -- the perfect combination of capability, comfort, cargo space, and price-tag. Take care of it -- change the air and oil filters, replace the spark plugs, swap out the brake pads and such, and do it regularly -- and it'll take care of you, running for decades longer, hundreds of thousands of miles.

There are specific issues you'll want to stay on top of, too. Here's a few to look out for, and what to do about them if you run into them.

1. Failed Distributors

If your Quest is having engine trouble -- more specifically, if the engine's begun stalling, or it's not starting at all -- you've likely got a bad distributor shaft bearing: one that's corroded and begun seizing. This is a known issue for models from between 1993 and 2012 with 253,000 miles on their odometers nowadays. There's no fixing the distributor; you'll have to replace it. That'll run you $470 to $500 on average, sometimes more.

2. Faulty Engine Mounts

If you hear and feel a thump or clunk from below the van floor while driving your Quest, it's likely that the engine mounts have failed. This is a known issue for models from between '93 and 2009 with around 259,000 miles on their odometers these days. There's not repairing them, either; they'll require replacement, which can cost $900 or more on average.

3. Bad Fuel Injectors

If you're having trouble driving your Quest generally, the fuel injectors might have either corroded, clogged, or just plain failed. This is a known issue for models from between '93 and 2007 with around 292,000 miles on their odometers today. You can try cleaning the injectors first, but if that doesn't work, you'll have to replace them. That can run $1,000 to $1,350 on average.

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